WBSO: "no cure, no pay"

WBSO is an accessable R&D tax incentive which is used by a large group of startup and scale-ups in the Netherlands. We apply for this incentive for all of our clients on a 'no cure, no pay' basis. We have over 25 years of experience and are very successful. The WBSO opens the door to the Innovation box and many other grants.

For my company?

Are you a software or tech company doing research, software development or product development (R&D) in the Netherlands? You probably qualify for WBSO wage tax credit. 

Thousands SME's in the Netherlands make use of this scheme.

What is my benefit?

WBSO is tax credit for your wage taxes. It can mount up to 40% of your research and development costs. It depends on the number of hours your personnel spends on R&D and the costs you can allocate to the R&D project (formerly RDA).

In some cases the payroll tax can be reduced to nil. With a ruling for the innovation box your company qualifies for a reduced corporate income tax (vennootschapsbelasting) of 9% for profits attributed to WBSO and/or patents.

When do you qualify for WBSO

Are you an entrepreneur, do you own a company (bv, nv, vof and eenmanszaak), do you employ technical personnel and do you develop innovative products, technology and/or software? If you do, you are likely to qualify for WBSO. The development has to be 'technically new' for your company. We will gladly scan your company for the possibilities.

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Free for IT/Tech companies

WBSO and Innovatiebox

The Dutch government aims to stimulate companies with the lower corporate income tax of Innovatiebox to innovate. Making use of WBSO opens the door to Innovatiebox. With Innovatiebox the corporate tax on innovation driven profits is reduced to 7% instead of the regular 25%. Patents also may serve as means to use Innovatiebox.

When to apply for WBSO?

Applications for WBSO can be submitted throughout the year. On can apply for a maximum of four applications of at least three months each. An application has to be filed before the end of the month to be effective from the start of the following month. Any month can be part of one application only.

Can I apply for WBSO myself?

You could apply for WBSO yourself, but we suggest to use an intermediary. We have got over 20 years of experience and the expertise from hundreds of applications a year. We know what does and what does not fit. We monitor deadlines and arrange necessary formalities. We save companies a lot of time during the process and increase the chance of success. 

How can Vectrix help me?

Vectrix takes as much work off your hands as possible and takes care of the entire process of application for WBSO at Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( an Innovatiebox at Belastingdienst. If you want to know if you would qualify for WBSO and/or Innovatiebox please contact us. Our service is based on 'no cure, no pay'.

Vectrix serves hundreds of companies and has over 20 years of experience! Our consultants are experienced and offer direct and personal contact.

Additional questions on or rejection of your WBSO application?

When RVO has additional questions about your application for WBSO Vectrix can help you answering them. Has your grant been fully or partionally denied, Vectrix can help you to determine your chances for appeal and also help you appealing.

WBSO audit

RVO randomly audits for WBSO. They check whether your time sheets and progress reports comply with the statutory requirements. Vectrix consults companies on how to comply with the regulations. If you want to know if your administrative records are RVO proof we gladly check them for you.

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