Endurance Acquires Dutch Scale-up AppMachine for $ 15,2 million

Endurance International Group has completed the acquisition of AppMachine  a Netherlands-based technology developerfor $ 15,2 million. AppMachine will play an integral role enhancing Endurance’s existing offerings by developing new products that will be integrated into the Endurance technology platform, making customer onboarding and website publishing easier and less time-consuming.

AppMachine, founded in 2011 by Siebrand Dijkstra, provides software solutions to beginners and professionals alike for clients in over 200 countries, enabling them to create web-based and native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 and manage social media marketing.

Michael Kesselman, EVP, Innovation and Strategy at Endurance, “By integrating AppMachine’s team and platform with Endurance, we see an opportunity to unify, simplify and strengthen our existing portfolio of web presence and digital marketing solutions as well as expandthis portfolio over time as the needs of our subscribers evolve. AppMachine brings a talented development team that’s innovative in the mobile arena. Over the past 18 months, we’ve partnered with them to build various products. Their team has proven to be incredibly agile and clever, quickly delivering solutions that are fast, flexible and easy to use - which is exactly what every busy small business owner needs. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have AppMachine join the Endurance family.”

Siebrand Dijkstra, Founder of AppMachine, “AppMachine began as a startup focused on the building of native apps, and through our partnership with Endurance, we have the opportunity to broaden our scope beyond apps and mobile. We will continue to grow as a high-tech development brand and will prioritize delivering products that help small businesses effortlessly build and manage their web presence. Now that we are part of Endurance, we look forward to giving their approximately 5.5 million subscribers access to these capabilities.”

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