Vectrix international expansion program

Do you want to expand your business in Europe or the US? Two of the most common mistakes are bad preparation and lack of resources. With this program you are well prepared and will make you ready for the next steps.

Readiness assessment
Market Selection and Validation Roadmap
Go-To Market & Expansion Strategy
Organization and Hiring
Fund raising and Investment

March 2024: Getting started

- What’s still missing for your international expansion? Roadmap for topics to implement.
- Identify which markets make most sense! Selection of short-listed markets, research & validation roadmap
- Go to Market Strategy (GMT). Expansion canvas.- build your first GTM & international expansion plan

- 2 online group meetings of 2 hours with trainers and quest speakers.  
- 2 online 1-1 coaching for 2 hours total to work out GTM. Clarify question about market shortlisting, early market testing to de-risk roll outs, scaling for expansion topics, first GTM sparring.

End of June: follow up and implementation.

Clarify question about GTM rollouts, hiring for new markets, other international scaling topics. Access to readiness assessment, expansion toolkit & global network of experts

- 2 online group meetings of 2 hours with trainers and quest speakers
- 2 times 1-1 coaching for total 2 hours
- 1 hybrid meeting (online and Amsterdam Science Park) for 2 hours on funding. With  Venture Capitalist Endeit Capital and entrepreneur with funding experience.

Endeit Capital, Edwin Hengstmengel, Partner
Vectrix, Bas Langelaar, Founder and Partner
Upvisor Global Growth, Gernot Schwendtner, Founder & Partner
Guest speakers

The investment in this program is € 4.995. Most companies will be eligible for a 50% RVO subsidy. In that case this program will cost you € 2.497. Max 10 companies

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