Revenue Based Finance (RBF) for SaaS companies

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Revenue Based Financing is a non-dilutive and founder-friendly funding opportunity, providing entrepreneurial freedom.

This masterclass is for founders, CEO’s and CFO’ s of SaaS companies with at least €30K MRR, who are interested in 6-/7-digit funding

- How does RBF work?
- What are RBF's pros and cons, and why does it give back entrepreneurial freedom?
- How do different forms of RBF compare and what are their use cases?
- In which situations and for what businesses is RBF a good choice?
- How does RBF compare to other forms of funding (e.g., equity and venture debt)?
- How can RBF be combined with other forms of funding, and what could be beneficial 'funding paths' through a startup's life cycle?
- Case

Christian Stein, Partner at Riverside Acceleration Capital. Ron Belt, Partner at Capitalmind, corporate finance

Riverside Acceleration Capital offers the right kind of capital at the right time for growth-stage software companies in North America and Europe. In addition to Revenue-Based Financing, they make larger Growth Equity investments in later stages. They also provide executive coaching from their growth advisory team of experienced software operators from Silicon Valley.

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