Silicon Valley Sales Academy

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What is it about
Learn insights from the heart of tech - Silicon Valley - by Jacco van der Kooy from Winning by Design - about the transformation of the modern sales professional into a person who educates, not pitches, relays insights, has conversations, and is focused to solve the customers problem.

Training series 1: Design A High Velocity Sales Organization
The Design Program is a live session course, over 5 weeks that will give you all the fundamentals from Silicon Valley’s renowned Sales Architects on how to build a high velocity/rapid growth organization. More information

Training series 2: Silicon Valley Sales Mastery Fundamentals
The Fundamental course is a live session course that will give you the fundamentals in Customer Centric Methodology, best practises in e-mailing and running a meeting. For those who have mastered the Fundamentals we organize a deep dive - advanced - program later this year. More information

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