NextStage Early Stage Fund

Our NextStage Early Stage Fund is funded by 20 business angels. We invest between € 100K - € 600K. We prefer B2B SaaS and Tech startups. We only invest in companies that are active in the Netherlands, have a Dutch legal entity, have a business reason to start/expand in the Netherlands (not only for funding reasons) and the key team is located here.

Our portfolio


FlorAccess is the b2b marketplace in the plant industry. With Holland as their test bed, the company is perfectly positioned to disrupt how companies work together in the industry. FlorAccess brings together supply and demand on a transparent and fair way and makes doing business easier by providing all kinds of services from payment to transportation. The FA team have earned their stripes not only in the industry itself, but also in IT, machine learning and data analytics. Buying flowers (as a professional) will never be the same again.

Member get Member

Member get Member Company found the solution how B2C companies can activate loyal and happy customers to become promotors. MGM delivers not only the software, but the full solution. In the Netherlands the company is already market leader and growing fast. Their product is a dream of every marketeer. Just allocate some budget and start welcoming new customers. As an investor we believe that this team of dedicated and seasoned entrepreneurs can accelerate the growth of the company.


After surgery, some patients experience eating problems. A good treatment hasn’t been found for this medical need. Based on a radical new approach a professor in Behavioural Pharmacology found a possible solution. With our investment, he found the budget to test his


Bookabus moves thousands of people through Europe each month. Our team of travel enthusiasts has the mission to help travellers find the perfect bus for their group or event for the best price. To accomplish this mission we are building the best online platform to search, compare and book group transport around the world. We work with a vast network of bus partners to arrange everything from a 20 people family trip to festival transport for 10.000 people.


Loqed develops the first truly keyless smart lock for European doors. No more fumbling with keys – with the Loqed Smart Lock you simply unlock your door with a touch. You can keep your Bluetooth enabled phone in your pocket. Easily lock, unlock and manage access for friends, parcel delivery or housekeeping from anywhere with the Loqed app.

LOTNL, Lottery as a Service

In the Netherlands, only a few charities benefit from lotteries. With a low barrier “Lottery as a Service”, all charities can organise a lottery in an easy to use way. As a player, you choose for which charity you play. The company is driven by experts who know the business and the aim is to bring everybody’s fair share.

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