Eurostars is an European subsidy meant for research developing SMEs. Those are companies that:
- spend at least 10% of their turnover on R&D OR
- companies that have at least 10% of their ftes working on R&D
- OR at least 5 fte working on R&D (for comapnies with up to 100 employees) or 10 fte working on R&D (for companies with between 100 and 250 empoyees).

Are you developing technology for new products, processes or services in cooperation with partners from foreign countries? Than Eurostars may be something for you!

The most important conditions

  • The project coordinator is a R&D-intensive SME from a Eurostars country.
  • At least 2 organisations from at least 2 Eurostars countries are taking part. The Eurostars countries include the 27 countries of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switserland, Croatia, Israel, Turkey and South-Korea.
  • The consortium is balanced: none of the organisations or countries contributes more than 75% of the costs.
  • The project lasts at least for 36 months.
  • The market introduction is due within 24 months after the project finishes.
  • The project is for civil purposes.
  • The R&D-intensive SME contributes at least 50% of the total project costs, excluding subcontracting.


Yearly various calls are issued for Eurostars. Each call has a deadline for application.

Following an expert review the content of the submitted proposals will be assessed and ranked by an independent international jury. Only projects that are assessed above the threshold will be ranked. The proposals will be evaluated on:

  • Project planning and quality of the consortium
  • Market and commercialisation
  • Innovation and R&D

The second step is the actual application in the own country. Only approved and ranked proposals are eligible for subsidy. The national regulations of the national subsidy programs apply. The ranking order will be followed.

The amount of subsidy

For the SME 45% of the eligible costs for research can be granted an 35% for development. The maximum subsidy per project amounts to € 500.000 for all Dutch project partners together.

Next call

The next deadline for sumbission of international proposals in call 14 is on September 3rd at  8:00pm.

What can Vectrix do for you?

We will gladly be helping you with the preparation and submission of your Eurostars proposal. Contact your own consultant at Vectrix or call or e-mail us at (085) - 210 6240 or

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