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3D Universum

3DUniversum develops the software for SME’s and consumers to capture, use and edit 3D scans of objects and spaces using low cost scanners. As an investor we foresee an enormous demand for this software when 3D scanning becomes mainstream on your new smartphone or tablet. We believe in this team of world champions in computer vision, image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. For instance, we are now working on technology that will disrupt how real estate agents will show houses in the future, how your existing furniture can be erased from your scan and be replaced by new IKEA stuff, how web shops sell products in the future, where in fashion tailor made becomes the new standard, and much more.

904 Labs

904labs: the two smartest guys in town started a company, working on search engine technology, both earned their PhD, ….. Sound familiar? 904 has the only commercial available self-learning search engine in the world that SME’s and big companies can use for their onsite search. Ideal for web shops or content sites. So, stop figuring out what search results are the best for your data, but let the system find it out for you. It will increase the search quality on your site, click through rate will go up and you will do more sales. Besides rocking search technology, the software gives you perfect insights on your customers’ needs. As an investor we see the huge demand of search, but in the market were SEO/SEA people are considered as search specialists, there is a lack on real technology. 904 will fill this

Member get Member

Member get Member Company found the solution how B2C companies can activate loyal and happy customers to become promotors. MGM delivers not only the software, but the full solution. In the Netherlands the company is already market leader and growing fast. Their product is a dream of every marketeer. Just allocate some budget and start welcoming new customers. As an investor we believe that this team of dedicated and seasoned entrepreneurs can accelerate the growth of the company.


FlorAccess is the b2b marketplace in the flower industry. With Holland as their test bed, the company is perfectly positioned to disrupt how companies work together in the industry. FlorAccess brings together supply and demand on a transparent and fair way and makes doing business easier by providing all kinds of services from payment to transportation. The FA team have earned their stripes not only in the industry itself, but also in IT, machine learning and data analytics. Buying flowers (as a professional) will never be the same again.